Why join FDRC

Why join FDRC

What do members get for their fee?

1. Best practice on demand dispute resolution service

  • The annual membership fee provides for a robust on-demand dispute resolution scheme which meets legislative requirements and operates to the international benchmarks for an industry consumer scheme: independence, accessibility, effectiveness, efficiency, accountability and fairness.

2. Insurance

  • The fee is much like insurance premium that pays for an at notice service to help its clients for when things don’t quite go to plan with their customers. Hopefully you never have to “claim”!

3. Experienced, independent, financially sound operator

  • FDRC is an approved scheme operated by The Financial Dispute Resolution Commission Resolution Limited (The Financial Dispute Resolution Commission), the largest specialist conflict management company in United Kingdom. The Financial Dispute Resolution Commission employs around 100 staff and contracts with over 150 specialist reviewers and dispute resolution practitioners throughout United Kingdom. The Financial Dispute Resolution Commission handles over 12,000 disputes each year — of all kinds and levels of complexity, including medical, insurance, financial services, telecommunications, family, local government, and building and construction disputes.

4. Personal case management, efficient processes and systems

  • FDRC provides a core triage, case management and dispute resolution service managed by facilitators/case managers who are trained in mediation and conflict management and have a good understanding of the finance sector and its issues.
  • Case managers handle complaint enquiries, collect and exchange information, provide advice about process and jurisdiction, keep in touch with parties whilst in members’ complaints process and encourage and facilitate early resolution of issues between parties.

5. We understand the issues

  • Scheme Director has 40 years in the finance sector, from banking, finance companies, financial advice in insurance, residential and commercial mortgages, plant and machinery, trade finance, industry representation and compliance.
  • Scheme adjudicators are all lawyers with investigative and adjudicative experience in health, insurance, finance, telecommunications and housing sectors.

6. Strong, independent Advisory Council

  • Our Advisory Council is an independent body comprising individuals with industry and / or consumer experience who provide guidance on systemic issues, consumer and industry trends.
  • The Advisory Council monitors the scheme to ensure that it fulfils its purpose and meets the benchmarks for an industry consumer scheme.

7. Disputes and complaints prevention

  • The scheme’s mantra is “Avoid Disputes, Not Complaints”. We encourage and provide members with tools and guidelines that help them to keep in touch with their customers and encourage feedback and to avoid any issues turning into full blown costly disputes.
  • The scheme’s focus through “learn, prevent and manage” is to assist members and their customers resolve issues themselves, thus avoiding escalation to the schemes formal process. If complaints do become disputes our case managers will still endeavour to facilitate an early resolution between the parties.
  • If necessary our experienced adjudicators will issue a written decision which will fully explain the reasoning and outcome in plain English so that parties can calibrate their conduct appropriately.

8. Confidential

  • All matters are treated in the strictest confidence. The Financial Dispute Resolution Commission has a very sound privacy policy and its Complaints Investigation & Privacy Officer to handle the most delicate and private of issues and complaints about FDRC.

9. Membership Certificate

  • A certificate is sent to new and renewing members on payment of the membership fee. Many members like to display their certificate in their office or foyer. We also send members an electronic version that can be uploaded to websites and other promotional material.

10. Newsletter

  • Our regular newsletter includes case studies, scheme activity reports, trends and systemic issues, tips on complaint handling, conflict management and dispute resolution, updates on relevant legislation, and other interesting stuff relevant to finance or disputes.

11. Reports

  • We provide each member with a one-page quarterly snapshot that summarise complaint activity for the scheme overall, for members sectors and for their own business. The reports also include updates on systemic issues and any developments in the scheme, legislation, or codes.

12. Active website with members-only section

  • We have an active website that includes complaints and membership processes, news, feedback channels, full decisions, case studies, fact sheets, position statements, submissions, annual reports, links to other relevant websites, a members’ area with tools to help members in their business and a full list of members.

13. Training and presentations

  • Scheme Director, Scheme Adjudicator and The Financial Dispute Resolution Commission practitioners are all available to workshop or present on scheme activity and issues in conflict management.

14. Constructive on systemic issues

    • If we identify a systemic issue we will contact members first to discuss and give them the opportunity to remedy before it becomes necessary to report to the regulator.

15. Consumer confidence, customer advocacy and business improvement

      • If promoted, businesses benefit from the increased confidence that the service brings to consumers.
      • The complaints handling process can increase customer advocacy and improve business processes and services, especially if in tandem with improved conflict and complaint management skills and processes.
      • Promoting a third party independent dispute resolution scheme promotes credibility, compliance, transparency and a genuine concern for customer welfare.

16. Call us anytime 0508 337 337

      • Members can call us anytime with any queries about the process, jurisdiction or management of complaint.

17. Great value

      • We continually review our fees and service offerings to ensure that our members are receiving great value for money.

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